Student Case Study on Climate Action

Disclaimer: All the student projects present preliminary research and do not represent the official views of the City or City employees. Any questions regarding the students' work, please contact

SDG 13: Climate Action proposes targets that take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. As a city, Los Angeles has been at the forefront of efforts to combat climate change through our City of L.A.’s Green New Deal (City of L.A.’s Sustainability pLAn) and Resilient L.A., as well as in partnership with cities around the country (Climate Mayors) and around the world (C40, 100 Resilient Cities).

Given the number of targets and commitments already in place, the summer student cohort sought to produce a series of deliverables demonstrating how the SDG framework could inform implementation of the City’s sustainability and resiliency initiatives. They first aligned the three plans, seeking to understand both gaps and overlaps; they then looked at best practices across other cities, and finally, they developed recommendations based on the first two deliverables to mitigate the impact of various climate change-related threats on different vulnerable populations within the City.

The best practices from other Cities and the intersectionality of the SDGs offer the chance to consider how the impact of climate threats may be felt differently across our community, and likewise, how to tailor and prioritize mitigation and adaptation planning to account for those different populations.


SF Icon

UHI (Urban Heat Island) index for a neighborhood level

Can use to tailor mitigation by neighborhoods in LA.

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Coordinated effort by the city to mitigate climate change

LA could showcase each department’s commitments and progress.

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Projections of economic losses due to climate events

Use the cost of inaction to prioritize climate resilience initiatives.

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Feasibility analysis determining the strength of goals

Assess probability and severity when prioritizing adaptation plans.



Best practices and the intersectionality of the SDGs point to considering the varied impact of climate threats, how they may be felt differently across our community, and likewise, how to tailor mitigation and adaptation planning to account for the needs of our most vulnerable.

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