The Global Goals



The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), otherwise known as the 2030 Agenda, are a group of 17 goals and 169 targets. The SDGs build on the success of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and were drafted and adopted at the UNGeneral Assembly in 2015. The SDGs aim to address social inequality, economic growth, environmental preservation, among other global development challenges.

In 2015, the United Nations established the 2030 Global Agenda for Sustainable Development consisting of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals address the social, environmental and economic issues that societies face in today’s world. While formulated for national governments, subnational groups worldwide have attempted to adopt the SDGs in planning, implementing, and monitoring. Los Angeles stands at the forefront of this movement in its city-wide effort to align plans and goals to the SDGs, while also mobilizing multi-stakeholder initiatives at the goals’ intersections. In its effort to use the SDG as a platform for partnership around priority issues, L.A. hopes to establish a local framework to serve as a model for cities around the world.

As part of the City of Los Angeles' commitment to adopt and implement the SDGs, the city has, where applicable, localized the national targets to align to City government plans and policies.  Read more about the City's implementation process and data reporting status