Project Teams



Our academic partnerships have made it possible to localize the SDGs in L.A. They have been a force multiplier for that progress, and an opportunity to introduce the City’s work to undergraduate and graduate students from various universities. Through these partnerships, student’s findings have and will continue to help the City in implementing policies inclusive of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The project teams play a key role in assisting the City to identify gaps in aligning plans and practices while highlighting cross-cutting issue areas for mobilizing multi-stakeholder partnerships.

2020 Interns

Joseph Intern

Joseph Waldow

Hometown: Fullerton, California 
University: Occidental College
SDG: My favorite SDG is number 11, which addresses the need for sustainable cities and communities. I think SDG 11 is great in that it

calls for a more inclusive approach to urbanization through promoting affordable housing, accessible transportation systems, and economic and social linkage between urban, suburban, and rural areas.


Fatime Uruci

Hometown: New York City 
University: University of Southern California, Annenberg School
SDG: My favorite SDG Goal is 4: Quality Education. As a long-time public advocate for affordable, accessible, and excellent educational opportunities for all, I firmly believe in the transformative power of quality education and the role of education in equipping future change-makers with the tools to do so.

2019 Interns

Our team of 2019 SDG Interns was instrumental in furthering the work of the Summer 2018 Cohort. Through their efforts, the City of L.A. can now map City programs, policies, and initiatives from the Office of Mayor Garcetti and various City Departments to the SDG goals. The interns also played a strategic role in the development of the City's SDG website and the SDG data reporting platform, identifying applicable data aligned to the indicators.


Andrés Williamson

Hometown: Bogotá, Colombia
University: University of Southern California
SDG: My favorite goal is SDG 8. Understanding and working towards long-term economic development is, to me, the foundation for a strong and inclusive society. I believe that progress with SDG 8 will undoubtedly drive improvements in many other SDGs.


Alban Martinez

Hometown: Woodland Hills, California
University: Los Angeles Pierce College
SDG: My favorite goal would be SDG 4, Quality Education. I think that access and availability to proper education is crucial to changing the world. The data provided by SDG 4 can improve public education to give more opportunities to the youth with less.


Xeneb Shah

Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan
University: University of California Los Angeles
SDG: My favorite goal would be SDG 1. I believe the indicators provide a multifaceted approach to tackle poverty. When Angelenos have to worry about meeting basic needs they simply cannot flourish.


Linda Mejia

Hometown: Milford, Connecticut
University: University of Connecticut
SDG: My favorite SDG is 17- Partnerships for the goals. I think it is necessary to share knowledge, expertise, technology, and financial resources with developing countries to achieve the goals for the planet as a whole. 

Ron Huang

Ron Huang

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
University: Santa Clara University
SDG: My favorite SDG goal is 5. I believe that educating people on the importance of gender-inclusive words is essential to reducing gender-stereotypes, which is the foundation for achieving gender equality. 

Amanda Claire Elliot

Amanda Claire Elliott

Hometown: Redondo Beach, California
University: UCLA
SDG: My favorite SDG is 11. SDG 11 is so multifaceted, and it addresses the extent to which so many of the SDG issues are interconnected. Especially in Los Angeles, I found it interesting to explore how government responses to issues such as homelessness seek to address the intersectionality of sub-issues such as affordable housing, city planning, mental health, and substance abuse.

Caitlyn Manahan

Caitlyn Manahan

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
University: Bucknell University
SDG: My favorite is SDG 4 - Quality Education because a strong education sets the foundation for making meaningful change and learning from the past to make a better future.

Pascal Jakowec

Pascal Jakowec

Hometown: Monrovia, California
University: University of Southern California
SDG: My favorite SDG is #5 (Gender Equality). I'm excited about the work being done in City Hall with regards to SDG 5.

Renata Fernández Gomez Sainz

Renata Fernández Gomez Sainz

Hometown: Guadalajara, Mexico
University: University of San Diego
SDG: My favorite SDG is #13. I believe that climate action is the most pressing issue in our days. Sustainability is a way to counteract it by focusing on the different topics that make up our reality.

Yully Purwono

Yully Purwono

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
University: Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University
SDG: My favorite SDG is #4 (Quality Education). I believe in order to develop a country; we need to build the body (infrastructures) and the soul (mindset) of the people. Thus, providing education is one of the most critical priorities to build a better society. With the quality of education, there will be more innovation, better systems in public policy and law, as well as better growth for the country; economically and socially.



Summer 2018 Cohort

The Summer 2018 SDG Project Team brought together a cohort of 18 interns from Occidental College, Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University, University of California Los Angeles, and the University of Southern California. The summer student cohort sought to produce a series of deliverables demonstrating how the SDG framework could inform implementation of the City’s sustainability and resiliency initiatives. The Summer 2018 SDG Cohort provided multi-sector findings, along with recommendations on revised targets for L.A., and a focused look at SDG 13 and climate change.


Chidire Ezeh

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya/Washington D.C.
University: Occidental College, Diplomacy and World Affairs
SDG: My favorite SDG is Goal 16: Peace and Justice and Strong Institutions. Through this project, I hope that we can provide substantial input into the future development opportunities in L.A. and pinpoint ways that the city can better support and improve the quality of life for all Angelenos.


Haiyi Zhao

Hometown: Nanjing, China
University: Occidental College
SDG: Having an international background, I am especially passionate about what the SDG has promised. I am so excited to have the opportunity to help achieve the goals.


Stephanie Kellogg

Hometown: Escondido, California
University: Masters of Urban and Regional Planning program at UCLA's Luskin School of Public Affairs.
SDG: As an urban planner, I love SDG 11, which calls for sustainable cities and communities. As our world becomes increasingly urbanized, I believe it is essential to promote a more thoughtful, inclusive, equitable, and sustainable model of urbanization. SDG 11 provides a wonderful model for thinking about the way we want our cities to operate as we move towards the future!

Tyson Williams

Hometown: Danville, Virginia
University: Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University
SDG: Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, I believe the privatization of sustainable energy, technology, and infrastructure will provide opportunities to develop new markets and increase the quality of life for all parties.

Snigdha Suvarna

Hometown: Troy, Michigan
University: Occidental College
SDG: 4

Nikitha Gopal

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
University: UCLA Master of Public Policy
SDG: 16

Madit D. Ring Yel

Hometown: South Sudan
University: Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University
SDG: My favorite SDG is #8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth). Our lives nowadays depend so much on securing a decent job opportunity, which relies on an inclusive and growing economy. I want to assess and support the role of private sector businesses in achieving Goal #8, and supporting the implementation of all the 17 Goals in general.

Juliah Lee

Hometown: Long Beach, California
University: Occidental College

Irene Kinyanguli

Hometown: Mwanza, Tanzania
University: Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University
SDG: 12 Responsible Consumption and Production

Zachary Solomon

Hometown: Portland, Oregon
University: Occidental College
SDG: 16

Olivia Mulerwa

Hometown: Kigali, Rwanda
University: Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University
SDG: Goal 1 (Ending Poverty). I hope that this project will provide new ways for different groups of people in L.A. to collaborate and come up with innovative solutions to the challenges that L.A. is facing.

Gaea Morales

Hometown: Manila, Philippines
University: Occidental College
SDG: SDG 10 on Reduced Inequalities has the potential to anchor interdisciplinary global human rights dialogue in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Globally, it insists on the need to bridge the Global North-Global South socioeconomic divide. Locally, it affirms the need to eradicate all forms of discriminatory legislation and structures. It is a reminder that endeavors for a better future for all demands an approach that is equally just and fair.

Alejandra Molina

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
University: Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University
SDG: The goal I believe can make the most change is 4 which is education. Having quality education sets people up for a more joyous and fruitful future.

Marissa Ayala

Hometown: San Jose, California
University: UCLA Luskin School Public Affairs; Master of Public Policy
Favorite SDG: I am most passionate about SDGs #1 (no poverty) and #13, (climate action). I believe the two go hand in hand as low income and minority groups are most vulnerable and impacted by the negative effects of climate change.

Kristopher Eclarino

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
University: UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs; Master of Public Policy (2019)
Favorite SDG: SDG 13: Climate Action

Danielle Ledezma

Hometown: Wildomar, California
University: Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University
SDG: 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities because it boosts community engagement.

Mariana Zimmermann

Hometown: Porto Alegre, Brazil
University: UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, Master of Urban and Regional Planning
SDG: 11

Aliya White

Project Consultant Mayor’s Office of International Affairs – City of Los Angeles
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
SDG: Her favorite SDG is 4 Quality Education because she believes if people knew better they would do better.

April Yang

Hometown: Bridgewater, New Jersey
University: University of Southern California
SDG: I hope the City can integrate the SDG framework into their homelessness initiatives because homelessness is such an intricate crisis with many causes and many consequences. A viable solution will require the kind of holistic and systematic approach that I feel the SDGs offer.